Q: What happens if it rains? 

A: With the rain it can be a bit tricky but I always suggest to have a plan B where it is at someones home indoors or in an undercover pergola/porch area. We can always make the move and create the changes the day before if need be.

Q: Do you charge an additional price for the styling?

A: All the styling and the stylist on the day are included in the price per person.

Q: Do you offer indoor locations?

A: We can set up all our picnics indoors in you own home OR in a one of our beautiful Melbourne venues we have partnered up with. Check out our Melbourne Venue picnic options.

Q: Do you serve alcohol? 

A: Unfortunately we don’t have a license to serve but you are more than welcome to BYO or we can arrange a drinks service for you.

Q: Do you set up picnics outside of Melbourne?

A: Yes, we are more than happy too. All we require is a travel fee to do so that is 20 km outside of Melbourne. 

Q: How many people do you cater to?

A: We cater to a minimum of 2 with our couples picnics and to a maximum of 30 guests per picnic but with special request we can do up to 100.

Q: Do you do mid week picnics? 

A: Yes we do, on Thursdays and Fridays only.

Q: Can I just hire the picnic table without the food?

A: Honour With Fete is designed to be a dining experience so your event can be fully looked after and is of complete ease. 

Q: How long do your packages go for?

A: All packages are for a 3-hour time frame. If you wish to have the set up for longer we can arrange something more suitable for an additional fee.