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I’m Luisa from Honour with Fete and I’m filled with a very grateful heart to share who this lady behind the picnics is! I'm known for my super big obsession with cheese, I do love a good latin dance-off in the kitchen with my husband while we cook and man o man do I love to throw a party! I grew up in an Italian household in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne who loved to host dinner parties, cook and eat. That’s all I’ve known life to be. Family and food! With that, I grew to understand how important it is to have a strong community to do life with. 

People coming together around a table, celebrating, laughing and clinking their glasses together is what I dreamt so I decided to create a table for you all to do just that and dress it with not just beautiful decor but with what I learnt that could bring so much happiness to everyone, FOOD!

Beyond all this Honour with Fete is not just a passion but my calling to serve and celebrate each one of YOU!